YANAM2M’s Beginning

Y.A.N.A.M.2.M.’s Story

In the winter of 2016, a local mom took the lives of her children and her own life and shocked our community. Only 2 months later, another mom in our community took her life and the life of her young daughter. This was when I said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I cannot continue to sit by and watch this happen to our community and bury another child or mom. We have to do something!

This passion has evolved into YANAM2M which stands for You Are Not Alone-Mom 2 Mom. This is a non-profit organization that supports moms in our community. This is not just for the struggling mom but for ALL moms who have “been there” and who can reach out a helping hand and let another mom know that they are NOT alone. 

The model is evolving as we go but we have partnered with Burn Bootcamp in Highlands Ranch and we will be using their space for play-dates and gatherings (when they do not have classes). This will be a time for moms and kiddos to gather and be themselves. No make-up required, no fancy clothes, just moms (yoga pants required…or at least highly recommended).

Each mom will be paired with a support person (SP). This SP will be someone who is willing to admit that they have “been there” before; a mom who can commiserate, support and be human. Everyone needs a “person.” All events and gatherings are free of charge and open to ANYONE and EVERYONE!